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Snow White – the poem

I consider Snow White as one of my best fantasy poems, and the poem largely follows the original Disney version of the story. Still, its original inspiration came from watching the coming attractions for the 2012 film “Snow White and the Huntsman” (release date May 31, 2012)– which I was really looking forward to. This […]

Arriella – and the Evil Magician

For our beautiful princess
was taken away
by an Evil Magician
or, that’s
what they say

The Legend of Evermore

The Legend of Evermore is fantasy poetry in classic fairy tale style, and is the epilogue to my earlier fantasy poem, Tasmerelda. Like Tasmerelda, I think it is among my best fantasy poems, and is a personal favorite. It answers the question what happened to Tasmerelda, how the spell of the Evil Magician is broken, […]

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