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Snow White – the poem

I consider Snow White as one of my best fantasy poems, and the poem largely follows the original Disney version of the story. Still, its original inspiration came from watching the coming attractions for the 2012 film “Snow White and the Huntsman” (release date May 31, 2012)– which I was really looking forward to. This […]

The Good Witch and Errant King

This fantasy poem is an allegory of how well intentioned men can make terrible mistakes, many times in the name of religion, and cause untold harm to those who mean them only well. It is a poem of magic, evil, witches, spells, and redemption. I consider it one of my best fantasy poems. The Good […]

Aabbacama, The Evil One

Aabbacama is fantasy poem about a magical Evil Being that overpowers a kingdom, killing its knights, and leaving all in helpless fear. For none can stand against him. Aabbacama, The Evil One copyright 2011 by jon gutmacher They say your name in lowest tones lest evil overhear and cross themselves in pentagrams to ward away […]

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