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Welcome to the #1 ranked fantasy poetry website in the nation, with some of best fantasy poems out there, many written in “epic” poetry style. I began this site in 2010 after a serious shoulder injury changed my perspective on life. The site contains a diverse collection of my own poetry, with an emphasis on my favorite genre — fantasy poetry. I’m proud to say it has been consistently been listed as the number one ranked fantasy poetry website on the web, or within the top two “best fantasy poetry” websites on the web almost from its inception, and several of my fantasy poems have been published on other poetry websites (with permission) as being among the “best poems” in their genre. While you’ll find the majority of the poems here are fantasy poetry, you’ll also find quite a wide spectrum of others, including: science fiction poems, spiritual poetry, dream poetry, Old West poetry, love poetry, patriotic poems, and even Holiday poems. All were written by me. Each poem is normally prefaced by a brief explanation of the poem, and is often followed by a comment where I explain the inspiration for the poem. All of these poems are copyrighted, so I ask that while you may download them for yourself, please do not post or publish them to others without permission. The fantasy art work in the background was chosen to reflect the mood of each poem, was primarily taken off free fantasy wallpaper sites which usually did not identify the artist, ¬†are not mine, and are separately copyrighted by the artist. I am making every effort to identify each fantasy artist, obtain permission for their use, and refer you (under the poem) to the artist’s website. For those who enjoy my fantasy poetry, or the other poems I’ve written — it really means a lot to me. You can also comment on any poem on the “Comments” page, although those are all pre-reviewed to prevent spam, or anything inappropriate. If you would like to contact me personally, please use my email link on the “contact Mr. Gutmacher” page on this site.

As a bit of background, I believe that almost all of the poems I’ve posted here are of excellent quality, and as far as the fantasy poems, are among the best poems of their kind. Almost all my poems tell a complete story — and I feel most comfortable when I write that way. I also often write in allegory where the poem actually represents a current event put into fantasy.

For ease of selection, I’ve listed what I consider to be my best poems, including fantasy poems, under a “best poems” heading at the top right of each page. Underneath those comes another heading which lists all my poetry in chronological order — most recent first. And, if you like fairy tale poems — I’d suggest you start with the one that started it all on this site, Tasmerelda; and its sequel, The Legend of Evermore.. While I have listed other fantasy poems under the “best poems” category — I still consider these two easily in that category of my best fantasy poems. Two other very popular poems are “The Dream”, and “The Battlefield Nurse”, and a third and newer fantasy poem, “Snow White”, is definitely more modern in style. I also just finished “An American Hero” which is one of the most powerful poems I’ve ever written — in honor of former Navy Seal Chris Kyle, and all those others who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to this great country. If you take the time to read any of the poems, you’ll discover that I believe in writing visually. I think any poetry, especially fantasy poetry, should create an image in your mind, and tell a complete story. In fact, almost all of the fantasy poetry here has a background fantasy image that I chose to help reflect the mood of the poem. Likewise, you should know that many of my fantasy poems here were written as an allegory to current news events or problems. If you read carefully — you may see that. However, whatever you chose to look at — I hope you enjoy what you read. I also hope that if you enjoy any of the background images, you’ll take the time to visit the website of the artists who created them. Anyway, thanks again for stopping by, and if you like what I’ve written — please tell your friends, and let them take a look for themselves. The more visits to the site, the more I seem to write.

With thanks
Jon H. Gutmacher

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